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Tony Redmond gives us a great view of how Office 365 has evolved during 2017

2017 saw Office 365 power through the 100 million active user mark, reaching 120 million in October in October and now growing at more than 3 million active users monthly.

Best New Feature: Files on Demand (OneDrive for Business)  Files on Demand works with SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and OneDrive consumer removings a major barrier for companies who want to move users away from local or local-network storage (aka obsolete Windows file servers) to the cloud.

Biggest Success: Microsoft Teams  Microsoft Teams is an important application that keeps the minds of Office 365 customers wandered off to Slack. Teams became even more important when Microsoft announced plans in September for Teams to take over from the Skype for Business Online client. Since then, we have seen new features like calling plan support underline how Microsoft will make the transition happen.

Biggest Improvement: SharePoint Online  SharePoint is a key component of applications like Teams, Groups, and Planner, yet many people don’t realize that they take advantage of SharePoint’s document management capabilities when they use SharePoint through these applications. Throw OneDrive for Business into the mix and it’s easy to see how SharePoint is so critical to Office 365.


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Resource Central Conference Room Booking - new features

What's new in Resource Central 4.0 Service R3

New features now available in Resource Central

It is now possible to book a meeting in a colleague’s or manager’s calendar, and set yourself up as ‘Assistant Organizer’. This will enable the ‘Assistant Organizer’ to receive the emails from Resource Central and to make orders on behalf of the colleague/manager.  The feature's purpose is to support the work process of roles like secretaries and personal assistants.

In this example, only the ‘Assistant Organizer’ will receive the emails from RC.

In My Meetings you can see your own meetings and the meetings where you are the ‘Assistant Organizer’.

Resource location details

You can now add extra information about the specific location of the resource. The feature provides information to the service provider of where to deliver the orders and if any special conditions apply to that location. 

The information is displayed when opening an order in ‘Orders’, under the new icon ‘Resource Location’:

New menu functionality in Items

With this feature it is now possible for catering providers to setup their catering items in a menu structure.  Items can be grouped into menus and presented and sold as one item. I.e. you can create a ‘Lunch menu’ that includes soft drinks, sandwiches and fruit. The menu has its own price.  Items can both be ordered as individual items and as part of a menu.

For the caterer, the order will look like this:

The menu functionality also includes an advanced feature, where the organizer can ‘build’ a menu from a row of optional items. I.e. pick 2 sandwiches out of 10 available, and have soda and fruit as well.

Nutrition information on Items

Customizable nutrition information can be added to each item. The information is searchable when making catering orders, I.e. enabling the organizer to Search for items without specific allergens.

Images on Items

You can use the uploaded images on your items. The images will be available when ordering the items.

Order Items based on number of persons

Items can be ordered by typing in a number of persons and then select the required items using checkboxes.

Order status notifications

In order to notify Service providers of change to their orders, The Order view is now color coded depending on the status.

Orders cancelled after deadline will also be listed. In this example, the first order is cancelled after deadline:

Changes in My Meetings

If more resources are selected for the same meeting or the resources are applied with a Shared Order Form, you will see a +. This enable you to expand the booking and make changes to the orders on each resource.


Furthermore, a new toolbar in My Meeting has been added to match Resource Finder layout. Here you will also find the setting option as in Resource Finder.

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Stay alert to Holiday shopping scams

Holiday shopping mania is in full swing with post Cyber Monday deals popping up in inboxes and social feeds everywhere. And not just in the US -  despite the fact that these shopping specials are triggered by the Thanksgiving holiday, in the UK, retailers are offering heavy discounts. Offers in the UK are likely in response to rising inflation, a dip in annual sales figures, and a hike in interest rates; the aggressive sales by retailers on both sides of the pond present a golden opportunity for cybercriminals — an environment in which onlineshoppers are seeking (and expecting) better-than-average deals.

So maybe it is more important than ever for employees shopping from work to brush up on online shopping tips and cybersecurity best practices. Our colleagues at Wombat Security are showing what phishing attacks, Social Media scams, and other tricks and traps look like in practice. Visual cues can lead to a stronger connection and, in the case of security awareness, give users a better sense of how to put bestpractices into action.

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Successful Data Connectors show with Tripwire

Thanks to our friends at Tripwire, Brian Cusack and Sara Monaco for joining Clive Horton of ReSoft at a successful show at Data Connectors NYC today!



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Join ReSoft at Data Connectors NYC Show Nov 9th 2017

Join us and our partner, Tripwire at the the NYC Data Connectors Cybersecurity conference on Thursday, November 9th at New York's Hotel Pennsylvania.  

Entry tickets are free.

Technology speakers include Sophos, Checkpoint and Mimecast.

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Come and see ReSoft at the IFMA show in Houston

ReSoft will be exhibiting at the IFMA show in Houston, Texas from October 17-19th, booth 1630, with our partners AddOn Products (Resource Central) and QED (Resource Xpress). We will be demonstrating the latest version of Meeting Room and Flexible workspace management solution Resource Xpress, version 4.8, as well as Resource Central, used for searching for a suitable meeting room and booking services such as catering. We have access to free Exhibition passes at

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Improved Exchange & Office 365 Reporting

New Mailscape version improves reporting on Office 365 and Exchange on-prem

The Mailscape develpment team work on four key product principles :

  • Help customers cut the mean time to resolution (MTTR) for Office365 and Exchange problems
  • Provide actionable insights, not just collections of data—we need to process and display the monitoring and reporting data we collect, and filter and prioritize it so that…
  • Trim the troubleshooting tree to eliminate wasted time (such as RDPing into a server and looking at its event log as a first step)
  • Accelerate migrations both to the cloud and between on-prem systems. We do this not by providing tools to migrate data but by applying #1 and #2 to migration operations.
The latest version of the Mailscape suite adds significant reporting improvements.  Insights, the reporting feature, marks the introduction of a new reporting engine that lets you see and work with the reporting data collected, using a modern, responsive interface. Starting with a dozen of the most frequently-used reports, all existing reports will migrate to the new Insights engine.
Reporting in Office365 and Exchange
You can sort columns, group data by dragging column headers into the grouping area, and export the report easily to PDF or Excel. Many of our enterprise customers use our products’ reports to help generate key performance indicators (KPIs) for their executive management or to track long-term trends over time, both of which get much easier with these new features.

Along with Insights, two new sets of reports have been added to Mailscape 365: one for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) usage and security, and one for Office 365 mail transport actions such as DLP rule hits. Reports on Office 365 license usage, suppressing expired trial licenses and handling the new workloads (including Customer Lockbox and Delve Analytics) have been improved.

In the “reducing MTTR” category, Mailscape will integrate with SNMP-based monitoring solutions—whenever we detect that a monitored parameter has gone into or out of an exception range, we can fire a trap to the destination of your choice. This makes it easy to tie our powerful application-aware logic to your existing Microsoft SCOM, HP OpenView, or other SNMP-aware components. In Mailscape, we also added monitoring for disk performance counters and the ability to set monitoring exclusions for individual Exchange databases.

This version offers full support for Exchange 2016 and Skype for Business 2016.

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PST elimination uses Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL

FlightDeck PST eradication integrates with Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL

PSTMigrationNo hardware commitment, no licenses and less red tape for fast, reliable Office 365 migration support

PST FlightDeck from QUADROtech has been the solution of choice for eradicating offline PST files when migrating to Office 365, latest editions of Exchange Server or hybrid environments. 

PST FlightDeck 5.0 allows the whole process to be run remotely in Microsoft Azure using Microsoft SQL Database on demand, developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s own specialists.

You don’t have to purchase and provision separate hardware and databases yourself, maintain them, and keep them secure for the duration of the project. Neither do you need to carry the cost of decommissioning and repurposing them.

PST FlightDeck 5.0 uses a template-driven approach that allows it to be installed straight into Azure. PST FlightDeck 5.0’s capability means it needs no special preparation for use with Microsoft’s cloud Azure SQL Database.

The main benefits of using PST FlightDeck 5.0 with Azure and Azure SQL Database are:

  • No separate hardware, database or licenses needed: Easy administration and cost management.
  • Better change control: Should the project’s scope alter, modifications are assimilated faster and with less scope for error.
  • Efficient cost control: You don’t pay for more processing power than you actually need at any particular stage of the project.
  • Rapid TTPC (time to pilot completion) and TTFI (time to first migrated item): Fast, accurate, defensible and compliant migrations.
  • Stability of Microsoft Azure: A safe, secure, resilient and proven cloud platform.
  • Orchestration between Azure and Office 365: Many organizations choose to migrate PSTs into Office 365 mailboxes. PST FlightDeck 5.0 is optimized to speed up these migrations using technologies such as our Advanced Ingestion protocol (AIP).

Learn more about FlightDeck here 

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Digital Signage improves utilization of your meeting rooms

Using Digital Signage to improve meeting room utilizationUsing Digital Signage to improve Employee Communications

ReSoft applies sophisticated digital signage technology to make better use of your existing meeting spaces by:

  • reducing room booking conflicts and no-shows
  • improving visibility into the actual utilization of meeting room resources
  • contributing to smarter building initiatives
  • improving your image with visiting clients
Digital signage empowers your employee teams. With nothing new to learn, employees book meeting rooms using your existing calendaring system. Digital signage technology sits outside each room displaying its availability to everyone walking past.  If an organizer cancels or doesn't check in for a meeting, the room is put back into the availability pool. If a room is free or a meeting needs to be extended, the employee can book it on the digital sign.
Existing clients include Coca-Cola, Baxter Healthcare, Samsung and Airbus.

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Data Security risks from Millennials vs Baby Boomers

It's 10pm... do you know where your Millennials are?

At that time of night there is a good chance they are at home, working, using a personal device to access corporate data.
Millennials (18-35) are the single largest generation in the US workforce; one in three employees is a millennial. By 2025 they will make up 75% of the workforce. This generation is different than the Baby Boomer (55+) generation - life priorities, loyalties, and ways of working, all of which results in Millennials posing the greatest risk to existing corporate data protection practices of any segment of the workforce.
The 2015 US Mobile Device Security Report from our partner Absolute Software compares the behavior of Boomers versus Millennials.  
  • 64% of Millennials use employer-owned device for personal use, versus 37% of Baby Boomers
  • 35% of Millennials modify default settings, only 8% of Boomers do
  • 27% of Millennials access “Not Safe For Work” content (e.g. online banking, shopping, personal email, Social Media, public WiFi, file sharing, etc.), vs. only 5% of Boomers
  • 25% of Millennials believe they compromise IT security, compared with only 5% of Boomers

As already reported, the 2015 Internet Trends Report confirms this trend where 87% of US Millennials never let their smartphone leave their side, day or night, and expect to be able to work when and where they want. As employees remain at the core of data breaches, so policies must change to accommodate these work practices by applying a risk management approach involving peopleprocesses and technology

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