Digital Signage Solutions

iPad digital signage for meeting rooms



Equip meeting rooms with iPad digital signage 

Digital Sign Service is digital signage software for meeting room signs that keeps staff informed of meeting schedules and allows them to book, extend, or cancel meetings directly on meeting room signs. Using digital meeting room signs eliminates the need for paper meeting room signs, which quickly become outdated and are tedious to modify. 

Because Digital Sign Service integrates your digital signs with the Microsoft Exchange platform, it eliminates booking errors and clarifies exactly which spaces are available. When you book a meeting in Outlook®, the schedules displayed on digital signs across your organization are updated in real-time. 

Digital Sign Service supports multiple types of hardware, including hardware based on Android, iOS, Win7, Win8, and Modulex. Digital Sign Service is easy to install and use, so it works right out of the box. 

Enhance Internal and External Communication 


Digital Sign Service helps companies replace poster boards, paper notices, banners, and more. You can use digital signs to deliver timely information in an engaging matter. Benefits of using Digital Sign Service include the following: 

Effective communication is key to your company’s success, but communication with employees and customers alike can be a challenge, with people scattered throughout your facility and across multiple locations. Digital Sign Service enables you to cut through the cutter and relay important messages. You can implement digital signs in lobbies, hallways, cafeterias, break rooms, and more. 

Digital signs give visitors a strong first impression and keep them informed throughout their visit. Digital signs enhance the customer experience in myriad ways. For example, you could display digital signs in waiting areas to entertain and inform guests, reduce perceived wait time, and promote your company’s products and services.