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Safely extend data sharing to Cloud & Mobile

More and more workers around the world are bringing their personal mobile devices to the office daily, and companies appear to be having trouble keeping up with the trend. About 60 percent of organizations acknowledged they either don't have a policy that specifies how employees may use their own devices in the workplace (41 percent) or are just planning to write such a policy, a study from Acronis and the Ponemon Institute has found.

Of the companies with BYOD policies, almost three quarters of them imposed highly restrictive policies on their workers by either requiring personal devices to be approved by the company before being allowed to access the firm's networks (43 percent) or banning personal devices from company nets (31 percent).

So as employees become more mobile, it is critical to give them access to the right corporate data from their mobile Devices driving a need to "mobilize" existing applications. Coupled with this, there is a very stong business case for moving existing processes, such as email and collaboration into an always-on Cloud-based infrastructure.

ReSoft offers a series of tools to assist in the secure deployment of mobile and cloud based technologies allowing you to:

  • Integrate cloud & mobile access into your SSO
  • Extend SharePoint access to mobile devices and cloud apps
  • Control BYOD capabilities on your network
  • Triple VDI/VM performance
  • VDI and mobile access to PST data

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