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Mimecast: Making Office365 Safer for business

With over 85 million corporate users and a rate of adoption exceeding 50,000 organizations each month, Office 365 appears to be the email platform of the future.

But the risks to email remain whether delivered 100% from the cloud or in a hybrid environment. security threats such as ransomware, impersonation and spear-phishing remain a primary concern in protecting the email attack vector. Humans remain the weakest link in an organization’s defenses. IT admins must have a plan B in the event of a mail disruption, as it’s unacceptable to have productivity crippling email downtime. And administrators need an independent archive that guarantees data immutability and chain of custody to respond quickly to litigation and e-discovery requests.

Mimecast makes cloud email safer by addressing three critical needs ; security, archivign and continuity. Integrated service bundles are designed for and delivered 100% in the cloud, with no network infrastructure for staff to manage.

Mimecast solves cloud infrastructure challenges with:

  • BEST-IN-BREED security for stopping known and advanced threats
  • MAIL CONTINUITY to keep employees productive during outages
  • COMPLIANT archive WITH FAST searching AND CASE MANAGEMENT for e-discovery
  • PERPETUAL MAIL STORAGE for instant recoverability

Targeted Threat Protection for Office365

Relying solely on Office 365 for AV/AS protection and protection from advanced threats such as spear-phishing is risky. Get better protection with a layered security approach by adding Mimecast S1 to work independently or in tandem with security offerings such as EOP, to tackle the risk from whaling, spear-phishing and other advanced threats.

Mailbox Continuity

Administrators of on-premises systems have many options for dealing with planned and unplanned outages but they lose this control when moving to Office 365. With Mimecast C1, employees continue to send and receive email, even when Office 365 has an outage. Mitigate the exposure and risk from a single vendor solution and keep email flowing. Your organization demands it.

E-Discovery and litigation Support

The most important information and communication in your organization travels over email. Keeping it safe is vital for Compliance and e-discovery obligations. With Mimecast A1, data is held in a scalable and encrypted cloud archive with tamper-resistant chains of custody and flexible Retention policies.

Migration Services

Moving from Exchange on-premises to Office 365 can be a challenge to manage. With Mimecast migration Services, administators can eliminate the risk of service disruptions, reduce the effort and time required to migrate mailboxes and consistently enforce policies and security across staged or hybrid environments.

Resource Central and Resource Xpress at IFMA

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Recent Projects

Here are examples of technologies we have successfully applied. 

  Company   Industry      Service Provided       Description     
Federal Government Department Government Ediscovery Ediscovery tool to assist in searching of large numbers of PST files. Streamlined the process of capturing and processing records related to FOIA searches.
Chemical Company Manufacturing Records Retention
Implemented Exchange management solution to manage the retention of email records.  Email messages are deleted after a certain pre-defined period, maintained strict Retention on email correspondance.
ReInsurance Company Financial  Corporate Communications
Extension of use of employee mass-mailing broadcast solution for improved communications with employees.
High-tech Distributor Technology Email Management
Implemented email monitoring solution to alert on slow downs in email delivery for improved uptime of the email service.
Fluid Power Distributor Industrial Data Loss Prevention Implementation of leading-edge perimeter security solution for email threat protection to reduce the number of threats from inbound email.
Aircraft Manufacturer Industrial Corporate Communications Expansion of automated email broadcasting capabilities to employees.
Fine Goods Retailer Retail Data Loss Prevention
Implementation of perimeter security solution for email and web threat protection.
Nursing Home Group Healthcare Data Loss Prevention Expansion of perimeter security solution for email and encryption to meet HIPAA privacy requirements.
Auto Financing Company Financial Ediscovery
Implemented ediscovery tool to assist in searching of email from backups, PST files and live mailboxes.
Paper Manufacturer Industrial Records Retention
Extension of Exchange management solution to manage the Retention of email records.  Email messages are deleted after a certain pre-defined period.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Healthcare Email Management
Expansion of email technologies to reduce size of mailboxes by compressing attachments.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
Healthcare Data Loss Prevention
Expansion of technology to filter email based on content policy and to add disclaimers.
Financial Services
Financial Records Retention
Capture of trade-related email into the organization's strategic email repository to meet SEC and NASD regulations.
Legal Services Firm Legal Data Loss Prevention
Extension of email encryption solution to maintain confidentiality of client information as it is sent via email.
High Tech Consulting
Technology Ediscovery  
Implemented ediscovery tool to assist in searching of large numbers of PST files based on from/to address and keywords.
Financial Services Financial Records Retention  
Expansion of email capture and reporting solution to meet SEC and NASD regulations.
Glass Manufacturer Industrial Ediscovery  
Complex ediscovery searches against content extracted into PST files.
Financial Services Financial Email Management  
Expansion of realtime email monitoring tool to alert should the email network begin to experience delivery backlogs.
Hospital System
Healthcare Ediscovery  
Search tool to enable searching native backups of old email server instances removing the need to restore the data to a live server.
Insurance Company Financial Email Management  
Expansion of email reporting tool to gather performance and mailbox size metrics for SLA management.
Transportation Company Industrial Records Retention  
Expansion of email mailbox content tool to meet government export/import reporting needs, email usage and ediscovery requirements.
Financial Services  Financial Records Retention  
Implementation of service help-desk queue management using Jabber instant messaging to streamline the help desk response function.
Regional Financial Services
Financial Ediscovery  
Ediscovery tool to search content of archived email that has to be kept to meet financial services records Retention regulations.
Convenience Store Operator
Retail Records Retention  
Implementation of a mechanism to scan for existing PST files and migrate email content into each employee's Microsoft Exchange Personal archive Mailbox.



Ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threat protection
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"Invitation to connect on LinkedIn", " Overdue invoice", "Voicemail from unknown " -  ordinary email subject lines that any busy employee will action without thinking. But this is the first stage of your business, your employees, your partners and your Customers being attacked for ransom money or confidential data, every day.

ReSoft helps you reduce the threat of ransomware attacks, keeps the trust of your customers and decreases fraud losses by preventing sophisticated hackers from stealing or encrypting your data and damaging their reputation.

Today's attackers use stealthy techniques to enter your network that are invisible to conventional security software; by the time an attack is discovered.... the data is gone and your name is in the newspapers!

We apply a well-proven solution that patrols deeper into your network than other technologies. It is constantly looking for programs seeking to steal data or disrupt your operations. When it finds a threat, it dismantles it and prevents it from happening again.
Advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks have proven their ability to evade conventional security defenses, remain undetected for extended periods, and steal corporate data and intellectual property. Analysts recommend enterprises should redefine security controls to include specialized threat detection technology in addition to as a proactive process of real-time threat management.

Deep Discovery, from our partner Trend Micro, provides network-wide visibility, insight, and control to combat APTs and targeted attacks. Deep Discovery detects and identifies evasive threats in real time, then provides  in-depth analysis and relevant actionable intelligence to assess, remediate, and defend your organization against targeted attacks.

deep discoverymap

Deep Discovery enables you to tailor protection to detect, analyze, adapt, and respond to targeted attacks. Specialized inspection engines and custom sandbox simulations identify zero-day malware, malicious communications, and attacker activities that are invisible to standard security defenses. Deep analysis, containment, and remediation are powered by threat intelligence and visibility into network-wide security events. and security update exports enable an effective defense against further attack.

Deep Discovery Inspector provides network traffic inspection, advanced threat detection and real-time analysis and reporting—all purpose-built for detecting APTs and targeted attacks. It performs initial detection at three levels followed by custom sandbox simulation and correlation, finshing with a cross-correlation to discover “low and slow” and other evasive attacker activities discernable over an extended period.

Deep Discovery Inspector provides network traffic inspection, advanced threat detection and real-time analysis and reporting—all purpose-built for detecting aPts and targeted attacks. it performs initial detection at three levels and then custom sandbox simulation and correlation, ending with a cross-correlation to discover “low and slow” and other evasive attacker activities discernable over an extended period.

Detects and Protects Against

• APTs and targeted attacks
• Zero-day malware and document exploits
• Attacker network activity
• Web threats (exploits, drive-by-downloads)
• Email threats (phishing, spear phishing)
• Data exfiltration
• Bots, trojans, worms, keyloggers
• Disruptive applications



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