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Lync, OCS & Sametime Instant Messaging Solutions

Make Lync and Sametime enterprise-ready

goldatIndustry Analysts say Instant Messaging usage is growing at alarming rates. Osterman Research recently reported that fifty-two percent of organizations are using IM for real-world business applications. Customers driving this growth are demanding better collaboration, Compliance and usability tools for interaction between employees as well as communication with Customers and Suppliers.

ReSoft International offers a suite of tools to add value to the use of Microsoft & Lotus Instant Messaging Solutions

HR Auditor for Lync - allows a Compliance Officer, supervisor or end-user to view Lync IM chat history from within their Lync client.

Email-2-Lync -  Bridge enterprise email & Microsoft Lync

Lync/OCS Instant Alert Manager - Instantly broadcast important information to all or a selection of Lync users, Schedule Announcements for Automatic Delivery, Turn Lync into a Real-Time News Medium.

Lync/OCS Deployment Manager - streamline the otherwise complex process of deploying Lync and performing change management processes.

Archive Data Parser  extracts messaging data provided by many platforms such as Lync, Blackberry, LiveMeeting and Bloomberg and converts into compliant .eml or .msg files for import into the archive Retention system of choice.

Sametime Buddy List Manager - manage the otherwise-complex task of viewing, updating, renaming, and modifying Sametime Buddy List entries for people, groups, or entire networks of Sametime users. Without this tool Buddy Lists gradually become out-of-date as user information changes. The tool allows you to automate the refreshing of Buddy Lists from the Notes Address Books as they get updated and dynamically create new Buddy Lists.

Instant Disclaimers for Sametime - automatically Deliver Administrator-controlled Disclaimer Messages. Reduce Potential IM Abuse and Legal Risks of IM Abuse.

IMtegrity Compliance Archiving for Lotus Sametime - securely log, save and archive IBM Lotus Sametime client chats.. 

TeamSessions Persistent Chat Rooms for Lotus Sametime - allow teams to share ideas and documents in a persistent, secure real-time Sametime chat room. Teams and organizations can quickly build a group community and communicate in real-time, without losing valuable information or discussions as users log in and out.

Queue Manager for Lotus Sametime - publish a single Sametime id for a group of experts and use Queue Manager to create virtual queues that sort chat requests and direct them to the next available queue agent. Great for IT and HR help desks, website sales & support teams.

OmniAnalyser for Sametime & Lync optimizes Sametime & Lync routing and reports on Service Levels and usage for Cost-Recovery by delivering metrics on all messaging traffic, server availability, mail delivery times, replication and mail store content for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

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