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Most of our Exchange and Domino customers are seeing expanding SharePoint environments. But the management of who-has-access-to-what within a SharePoint Library becomes a huge issue as the SharePoint infrastructure gets larger and more complex. Titus metadata security for SharePoint addresses this issue: 

SharePoint native security issues:SharePoint's Inherited security model is insufficient for controlling access to sensitive information. Permissions for each document within a library must be set one-at-a time, which is very time consuming. It is hard to keep track of all documents that need special permissions. This usually forces organizations to move documents into separate libraries.Users Need Filtered Views - Different users need different views of the documents available. Permissions need to be set at the Item Level - SharePoint item level security is very time consuming to configure and manage. Our Titus metadata security for SharePoint fixes: Simplifies Sharepoint security - No need to define "per document" security, users only have access to information to which they are entitled.Simplifies administration - No need for multiple document libraries.Leverages infrastructure - Uses standard Microsoft AD infrastructure to determine access rights.Metadata can be reused - for Retention and records management.

Consider how this could be applied to a Product Development Group SharePoint Library.

Figure 1 - Alice is in Finance so she can see the Finance documents


Figure 2 - Bob is not in Finance so he cannot see the documents tagged as Finance

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