PST elimination uses Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL

FlightDeck PST eradication integrates with Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL

PSTMigrationNo hardware commitment, no licenses and less red tape for fast, reliable Office 365 migration support

PST FlightDeck from QUADROtech has been the solution of choice for eradicating offline PST files when migrating to Office 365, latest editions of Exchange Server or hybrid environments. 

PST FlightDeck 5.0 allows the whole process to be run remotely in Microsoft Azure using Microsoft SQL Database on demand, developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s own specialists.

You don’t have to purchase and provision separate hardware and databases yourself, maintain them, and keep them secure for the duration of the project. Neither do you need to carry the cost of decommissioning and repurposing them.

PST FlightDeck 5.0 uses a template-driven approach that allows it to be installed straight into Azure. PST FlightDeck 5.0’s capability means it needs no special preparation for use with Microsoft’s cloud Azure SQL Database.

The main benefits of using PST FlightDeck 5.0 with Azure and Azure SQL Database are:

  • No separate hardware, database or licenses needed: Easy administration and cost management.
  • Better change control: Should the project’s scope alter, modifications are assimilated faster and with less scope for error.
  • Efficient cost control: You don’t pay for more processing power than you actually need at any particular stage of the project.
  • Rapid TTPC (time to pilot completion) and TTFI (time to first migrated item): Fast, accurate, defensible and compliant migrations.
  • Stability of Microsoft Azure: A safe, secure, resilient and proven cloud platform.
  • Orchestration between Azure and Office 365: Many organizations choose to migrate PSTs into Office 365 mailboxes. PST FlightDeck 5.0 is optimized to speed up these migrations using technologies such as our Advanced Ingestion protocol (AIP).

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