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White Paper: Why Securing Communications and Content is a Critical Best Practice
New government regulations – such as the recent strengthening of HIPAA – along with stricter enforcement of data Retention policies, and the general risks associated with data leakage, are all driving the need for protection of content that is sent through email and various collaboration tools. Moreover, securing content at rest is also a critical best practice to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access to sensitive information (e.g., particularly with respect to mobile devices and media). It is important to note, however, that the goal here is securing content – encryption is the approach used to achieve that goal. Osterman Research forecasts that encryption will be among the fastest growing of the security-related markets over the next two years. However, encryption services need to be easy to use from the perspective of both the sender and recipient if they’re going to be adopted. This is particularly important for mobile users who receive encrypted emails as a normal part of their work, and for users who need to encrypt content from a mobile device. KEY TAKEAWAYS • Despite the fact that there are a number of very good and easy to use encryption tools available, most communications are not encrypted, either when sent through email, cloud-based file synchronization services, or when sent via many file transfer solutions. • The trend toward Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – or the consumerization of IT – is making the problem worse by distancing IT from the process of deciding how content will be sent and stored. • These issues leave organizations vulnerable to data breaches, they increase the risk of corporate violations of their regulatory obligations to protect customer and other sensitive data, and they increase the likelihood that intellectual property will be lost. • The consequences of not encrypting data are enormous and include fines, sanctions, lost revenue, damage to corporate reputation and, in some cases, dissolution of a business. • Organizations should seriously consider how and when they will encrypt content in transit and at rest, regardless of the delivery or storage solution in use. Traditionally, barriers to the uptake of encryption have been the lack of suitable archiving and Discovery tools
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